Boost your bottom line

There are millions of dollars waiting to be made in potential upsells, cross-sells, and payments. Trust Ada’s AI-powered chatbot to uncover the cash hidden in your customers’ interactions.

  • Let customers process upgrades and payments on their own
  • Proactively engage customers with targeted promotions
  • Automatically recommend relevant purchases and services
“66% of customers will change brands to be treated like a name, not a number.”

Remove CX from your expenses

Stop letting your old customer service model hold your budget hostage. Transform your support with a self-sufficient strategy that doesn’t drain your business dry.

  • Uncover new revenue through up-sells and promotions
  • Digitize your business and automate submissions and purchases
  • Give customers a reason to stay by saving them time & energy 

Innovate your way to the top

Become your industry’s CX leader with a cutting-edge, self-service solution that exceeds customers’ expectations today - and keeps them impressed into the future.

  • Put automation-first, to deliver better live agent support
  • Replace the ‘‘AI hype’ and deliver actual, quantifiable results
  • Shift the role of live agent from reactive to proactive
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