Drag and Drop

So easy - anyone can do it!

Anyone can drag and drop Ada’s Building Blocks to create engaging chatbot conversations and proactive messages that delight customers with rich multimedia content.

Frame 4
Answer Flow Management

A blueprint for bot building

Don’t build your chatbot as an island. See your chatbot’s entire conversational design and the connection between answers.

  • Quickly assess what to automate next
  • Identify how content changes impact the entire customer journey
Copy And Paste

More chatbot, less effort

There’s no need to start every conversation from scratch. Save time and effort! With a simple copy and paste command, chatbot answers can be duplicated and added to new flows.

  • Instantly replicate conversations and tailor them to meet unique customer situations
  • Build A/B tests that compare controlled changes in chatbot content
Automate your first answer in <10 seconds
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