Conversational AI that knows your users' needs before they do

Our conversational AI enhances customers' experiences by predicting their needs and interests and automating responses that do not require human intervention.

  • Use Ada's Predictive Suggestions to surface relevant answers before customers even complete their questions 
  • Eliminate the frustration of "do not understand" responses by offering up the next-best answer

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Put agents back in charge

Put the power of conversational AI in the hands of CX

What if the benefits of AI were combined with the know-how of your support and sales teams? That’s Ada. Give your customers a personalized experience that helps them get the information they need, when they need it.

  • In just seconds, train a chatbot to resolve industry-specific customer inquiries
  • Let AI proactively guide your chatbot improvement, showing your team what to automate next
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Powered by a global network of conversational AI chatbots

Every conversation handled by an Ada-powered AI chatbot strengthens the performance of all Ada-powered chatbots. This means every Ada customer benefits from millions of monthly interactions that constantly improve the service automation experience.

  • Realize swift time-to-value with a virtual agent ready to interpret key case drivers, issues, and common questions
  • Let our AI instantly understand your customer’s needs even with typos, jargon, and fragmented sentences
80%+ of your customers’ inquiries await Ada’s AI
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