As Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, Ada’s client was committed to exceeding the mounting expectations of 13 million+ customers. However, with a customer service strategy that relied on live support alone, the telecom was struggling to provide timely response to the 30 million yearly inquiries received across its website, app, and call centers.

The business knew AI-powered automation was the key to addressing its pain points so that they can continue to set the standard for excellent customer service, boost agent productivity, and save on overhead costs. 


The Impact of Automated Customer Experience (ACX)


instant assistance to
global customers


hours of saved monthly
customer effort


of inquiries solved without
a live agent


of new revenue in 1 year

Automating with Ada

In just a month, the ACX department used Ada’s easy-to-use platform to build and launch a 24/7 chatbot as the frontline of its customer service. Available across the telecom’s website, app, and call center via SMS, Ada cuts agent inquiries in half by automating both answers and actions across the customer journey.

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“From our customers to our agents, and even into the C-suite, Ada continues to surpass the expectations of all our stakeholders. We’re not only saving millions in support costs, but we’re discovering completely new revenue with a self-serve solution that automates actions, not just answers."
Director of ACX

Empowering a Non-Technical Team

Ada removes the telecom’s archaic reliance on IT and in-house developers to manage the automated experience. Instead, members of the ACX department - non-technical CX professionals - can use Ada’s platform to build a chatbot with deep levels of personalization.

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Providing Multi-Channel Engagement

Ada lets the telecom reach new customers outside of their live agent hours by launching 24/7 personalization automation across not just one, but three sought-after communication channels.

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Streamlining the Chatbot to Live Agent Experience

By integrating with the telecom’s live chat software, Ada seamlessly routes the customers from chatbot to a live agent, when requested. The agent is provided with the chat transcript to assist the customer immediately.

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Customizing Every Engagement

After signing-in and authenticating to their account, customers are engaged with proactive and reactive chatbot content that reflect their personal information, interests, and intent.

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Driving New Revenue with Automated Actions

Ada’s automation is uncovering hundreds of thousands of new revenue by engaging customers with personalized upsell and cross-sell opportunities specific to their customer journey.



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Protecting Customer Privacy and Security

Ada meets the telecom’s high-security standards and strict privacy policies. With Ada’s privacy feature, anytime a customer shares credit card information the digits are immediately scrubbed-out in the chat.

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"We re not a technical team, and Ada enabled us to become automation experts. With Ada, we can make the real-time changes we need to react quickly to the evolving needs of our customers.”
Director of ACX
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