An automation-first solution for scaling pains

As is typically the case with fast-growing businesses, InVision’s growth outpaced their support efforts. If customers needed help, they would just contact support directly, and the system they had in place generated a ticket for every single customer response. 

Their support agents were inundated with tickets that needed their attention. Invision tried to create roles for scalable customer experiences, but several organization shifts hindered the process. They needed a solution that would free up their support agents’ time by diverting and containing incoming tickets without having to scale their support operations team.

After a flexible, 90-day pilot program, InVision was convinced that Ada offers the exact automation-first partnership that meets their CX needs. In collaboration with their Automated Customer Experience (ACX®) Consultant at Ada, InVision deployed their conversational AI chatbot and started seeing the results almost immediately.

InVision’s chatbot enabled visitors and customers to access their knowledge base in an intuitive chat window. The bot surfaced answers to common, repetitive queries, freeing up their support agents for more complex tickets. 

Within three months, they saw 93% recognition rates for queries, 83% containment rates, and overall better customer experience. The bot is currently deflecting anywhere between 600-700 tickets a week, tickets that the support team would have otherwise had to handle. The best part is that the bot will continue to deflect more and more tickets as InVision grows, without requiring any exhaustive technical work on the team’s part.



“After Ada, we’ve seen the volume of tickets reduced, which is exactly what we wanted. We’ve seen a reduction in the ticket volume by monthly active registered user, which is also exactly what we wanted.”

Mario Salomon
Mario Salomon
Director of Revenue Operations, InVision

No-code automation managed by non-technical teams

InVision is tapping into the non-technical teams leading their community outreach efforts to manage the chatbot. This means that the people who are working most closely with the InVision community—and who know most about the customers—are the ones in charge of the customer experience. 

By placing Ada in the hands of these teams, they’re empowering their operations analysts and technical writers to centralize the knowledge base documentation, become the source of truth for support queries, and ensure the bot is serving the right answers at the right time.

While InVision is finding great success in this model, they are looking into adding a role for scalable customer experiences in their support operation some time in the future. With this role in place, InVision can leverage even more of Ada’s capabilities to create even better brand interactions.

Steady deployment and easy training

InVision wanted to ensure that their bot is offering the best CX possible. They chose to stagger deployment to their user base and use Ada’s advanced analytics to iterate and improve as they went. 

Bot training is instantaneous and can easily be managed by the same non-technical team. So whenever they found an area that needed improvement, or answers that needed to be better trained, they could go into the dashboard and make the adjustments immediately, benefiting from the conversation insight the bot was collecting.

“I think one of the best things for us was working closely with our Ada Consultant and having him available in Slack when we needed to ask questions. He helped us implement a lot of the answers, he taught us best practices, and we also integrated some more sophisticated answers that included internal APIs.”

Mario Salomon
Mario Salomon
Director of Revenue Operations, InVision

A true partnership

The Ada ACX Consultants worked hand-in-hand with the InVision team to get their bot set up. Through guided onboarding and access to Ada’s robust knowledge center, InVision quickly developed an understanding of the bot’s capabilities and what CX best practices they should be considering for their needs. This ongoing support has been especially helpful for InVision’s team to keep fine tuning and improving their ACX.