As one of the world’s fastest-growing educational apps, Ada’s client is improving how parents and teachers around the globe keep track of students’ success.

With several thousands of monthly tickets coming directly from the company’s support page, the business’ reliance on agents’ manual response was negatively influencing the user experience. The team knew they needed something to support their international client base and enable sales-driven conversations. 

Automating with Ada

With goals to scale support that reduced email tickets and wait times, while still maintaining high CSAT, the brand turned to Ada, the market leader in automated customer experience (ACX).

In less than 60 days, members of the client’s existing support team used the Ada platform to launch a 24/7 chatbot across both website and app, providing their customers with new channels to access instant assistance.

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“No matter where in the world our clients are, Ada allows us to provide them with high-quality instant support that still reflects the caring nature of our brand. It 
has become a trusted extension of our team.”
Director of Customer Experience, Industry Leading Educational App

Empowering a Non-Technical Team

In less than two months the teams built an AI-powered chatbot and automated 65% of their existing support articles that were driving the highest volume of customer inquiries.

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Unlocking New Channels for Engagement

Ada allowed the company to expand its support to instant chat on its website, and for the first time provide in-app assistance to its active base of teachers and parents. 

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Supporting a Surge of Seasonal Inquiries

With the potential for unlimited conversations, Ada has freed the business from having to navigate a dramatic surge of customer questions and concerns, regardless of how those demands change in countries around the world.

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Giving Agents Back Their Time

By providing customers with instant support across two new channels, Ada has allowed the client to deflect less complicated customer inquiries from even entering agents’ inboxes. With fewer tickets, agents can devote more time to solving complex inquiries and driving new sales.

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Elevating the Customer Experience

Now with the ability to access 24/7 support across the channel of their choice, customers have become more active enabling the business to improve the quality and clarity of their customer-facing materials and programs.



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"We're not an IT team, and yet with Ada, we’ve become experts in building automated, support that is being actively used across our international customer base.”
Director of Customer Experience
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