Time for a new approach...

Ada has seen record-breaking growth over the last two years, with a 622% increase in website traffic and 400% increase in annual recurring revenue.
Our clients have also been on this journey with us, experiencing similar growth cycles—largely as a result of using Ada.

With this success came a desire to explore what other aspects of the customer experience could benefit from an automation-first approach. It was time to elevate our product, taking into account the entire customer journey from pre-sales through to support.

As the digital landscape continues to change, and customers have come to expect more, it was vital for our strategies to evolve. The reactive, static, one-size-fits-all approach to marketing was no longer enough.

Knowing that visitors are 170% more likely to engage when a business reaches out proactively, and that 91% of consumers are more loyal to brands that provide personal experiences across the entire customer journey, our marketing team wanted a tool that empowered them to create personalized, proactive, and dynamic marketing campaigns at scale.

“People are hungry for dynamic brand interactions. Static landing pages and forms don't cut it anymore. In just a few months, Ada has lifted our conversion rate from lead to pipeline by 150%. Ada’s conversational AI helps us learn more about prospects by interacting with them proactively and having personalized conversations. This ensures we provide an even more meaningful experience once they become customers.”

Ruth Zive Ada
Ruth Zive
SVP Marketing, Ada

From a sales standpoint, we wanted to arm our Business Development (BDR) team with a healthy funnel of meetings, and reduce the amount of back-and-forth with prospects. BDRs were spending too much time having repetitive conversations, time they could have invested building more meaningful relationships, identifying prospects further down the funnel, and booking meetings for sales.

On a similar note, we also wanted to save time for our prospects, and make it easier for them to become our customers. We wanted to be best in class when it comes to CX using our own product, to demonstrate how Ada can work for them.

Developing Ada Engage

Creating personalized, pro-active marketing campaigns
 at scale.

We wanted to use our bot’s scalable, automation-first approach in marketing and sales. We listened to feedback from our clients and our own teams, and started working on a solution stemming from Ada’s expertise in automation and conversational AI. 

Using the Ada platform, we were able to transform the bot experience on our website into a unified conversion powerhouse that can scale with Ada’s growth. We call it Ada Engage.

Before launching the platform to our customers, we implemented it on our own website to validate its value and measure the results. Building on our years of expertise in conversational AI for customer support, we leveraged our platform to create personalized, proactive marketing campaigns at scale. 

This new conversational marketing strategy adapted to changing customer expectations, and consolidated the customer experience, resulting in a higher conversion rate, shorter sales cycles, and more valuable brand interactions.

Using Ada Engage, in a matter of days, we were 
able to:

  • Tailor customized, proactive conversations based on funnel stage, IP address, and website behavior

  • Deliver even more personalization by recommending industry-specific content

  • Qualify leads in advance of BDR calls by asking specific questions that align with our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

  • Enable chatters who meet the ICP to book a meeting directly with our BDR team

All of this was done in the same chatbot UI where visitors were able to fully self-serve, getting immediate engagement with Ada, no matter which channels they were engaging the bot on, or what time of day it was. 

The results were staggering. In under four months, we witnessed 100% increase in conversion rate attributed to the bot, 150% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) generated, and a 30% increase in pipeline velocity from the first active engagement to discovery and evaluation call.

Ada Engage syncs seamlessly with our CRM, so all of the data collected through the conversation is captured and enriches the records within Salesforce.

“Having our own chatbot is like having two 24/7 full-time BDRs that are always qualifying our prospects. My reps know that these leads are well qualified and have the probability to convert into opportunities so much faster. It also increases the efficiency of our team as we are not busy coordinating calendars or having to do pre-call research as the qualification has already been done!”

Adrian Caulcutt
Senior Director, Inbound Marketing

Bolstered by our own success using the platform, we launched Ada Engage to prospects and existing customers in April 2021. But our work doesn’t stop there.

In the coming months, we will introduce new functionality to evolve Ada Engage to drive more— and more valuable—brand interactions for our clients and their customers. We are looking forward to rolling out new analytics features, to deliver deeper insights into campaign performance, as well as A/B testing for campaigns. And we will continue to drink our own champagne by doing it first on our website.

The power of Engage

Ada Engage allows us to create informed, personalized messaging, improving engagement, increasing conversion rates, and boosting our bottom line. The bot generates leads 24/7 straight into our CRM, triages opportunities, and automates simple, routine interactions so that our BDR team is free to spend their time on what matters most—building valuable customer relationships.