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Brands are missing the mark

There’s no underestimating the power of experiences. They win customers for life, or lose them forever. And with the rising tide of customers approaching us each day, we can’t help but fail them right when it matters most. Because the moment customers actually try to talk to us — at that moment of interaction — they find themselves waiting endlessly on hold, bouncing from person to person and repeating themselves over and over.

They keep pleading, “Hey! Brand! Can you help me!?”

But in that crucial moment, the brand doesn't answer back. So that magical experience we envision — all of our good intentions, brand investments and promises — are undone in an instant.


Bringing Brands and Customers Closer Than Ever

Ada is the brand interaction layer that connects you and your customers — so your brand is continuously available, completely consistent, and always helpful.

With Ada, brands know exactly what customers want, when they want it — so, no matter the channel, the stage of the journey, the time of day, or the need, the experience always feels the same — like they're talking directly to your brand.

What are Brand Interactions?

In just weeks, we were able to launch automated brand interactions that transformed the experience for our traveling customers, whenever and wherever they are in the world. We have cut customer wait times from more than one hour to less than one minute.

Bayley Clark | Head, Customer Happiness | Air Asia

Ada's customer support solution has enabled us to decrease ticket handling time by over 90%! This gives our agents time to find new and exciting ways to interact with our customers.


With Ada’s intuitive solution, we were able to move at speed to deploy a proof of concept and help our local teams build and refine content flows quickly and independently. We’re thrilled that we have exceeded our target in the first 3 months and are looking forward to refining the Messenger-powered digital assistant.

Elaine Neo | Marketing Tech & Operations Manager | Grab
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Powering a New Era
of Brand Interactions

Reduction in customer wait times
Brand interactions automated annually
Days saved for customers annually

The Ada Vision

Imagine a world where brand interactions finally live up to brand communications —
and elevate them even higher. This world becomes a reality with Ada. Now, the next time someone says, "Hey Brand!" your brand answers back, and wows the customer like never before. And isn't that what everyone wants?

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