Our platform is super easy to use providing more visibility on every automated conversation.

Data Demystified

Understanding the performance of your chatbot shouldn’t be a guessing game. Our ai chatbot has an intuitive, easy-to-understand Analytics Dashboard that provides the data and direction you need to drive business outcomes.
  • Review the % of engaged customers and topics
  • Capture the % of conversations that require an agent
  • Measure the % of engaged and converted customers in proactive marketing campaigns
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Make Sound Business Decisions

With hundreds of thousands of conversations being automated through our  ai chatbot every day, Ada provides visibility into customer trends and support needs.

  • Identify, understand and anticipate spikes in inquiry volume over a certain period 
  • Project the number of live agents required during peak seasons and double down on chatbot automation for greater efficiency and cost savings
Analytics growth

Let Ada’s AI take the lead

Ada uses predictive analytics to identify and categorize unresolved inquiries, and then matches each unanswered question with the best response, ready for your review.

  • Ensure high value inquiries are answered to the customer's satisfaction
  • Use Ada’s data to build better, stronger content - with less work
  • Train ‘easy’ questions that build credibility to uncover complicated customer challenges
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“Ada’s analytics act like our coach, directing our next steps and best strategies to take to save the most amount of time, effort, and overhead costs.”
Director of Customer Experience
Industry Leading SaaS Company

Help customers contain themselves

Ada helps you understand which conversations are being handed off to live support. With this information, you can identify opportunities for further automation, allowing customers to skip the agent and self-serve instead.

  • Uncover root causes to challenges plaguing the call center
  • Automate top answers to diminish the need for agent assistance
  • Support corporate initiatives by showcasing decreased wait times and improved CSAT
80% of your inquiries await Ada’s automation.
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