Automation 101: Ada Academy

The Ada Academy is a self-paced online learning environment that supports Ada clients as they implement an automated customer service strategy.

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What is Ada Academy?

The Ada Academy is Ada’s self-paced, interactive learning environment. Learn all things automation to help you get up and running smoothly!

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Why learn about customer service automation?

The Ada Academy empowers you to build customer service automation that makes both customers and agents happy, with courses that cover everything from basics to best practices and new content added regularly.

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Vivian Li
Customer Solution Chatbot Specialist

"Ada's courses have opened my eyes to the many possibilities of service automation. The well-structured modules made it so easy to understand that I was able to grasp the fundamentals in 5 days."

Mantej Dhanjal
QA Analyst

"Before I started working in the sandbox environment, I completed my training from Ada Academy which covered the fundamentals of Ada Bot. They have a plethora of courses in their learning path depending on the role you're at. I liked how they have a knowledge check after each lesson and an assignment at the end of a course. I utilized plenty of tips in my production environment which I learned during my training at Ada Academy."

Paige Gilmore
Sr. Customer Experience Analyst

"The Ada Academy classes are great, very easy to follow. The perfect amount of information is provided on each screen and I like that there are different methods of teaching the material (videos, reading, interactive clicks, short knowledge checks). This really helped keep me engaged! The design components are great too, again very engaging but did not take away from the training material itself."

When should I start?

You'll receive access to the Ada Academy before kicking off with Ada’s implementation process. Early access to the Ada Academy helps you achieve business goals on faster timelines and quickly become an automated customer service influencer in your organization.

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How do I get started?

Content in the Ada Academy is delivered via courses and Learning Paths. Learning Paths contain a set of curated courses that level up specific skills. If you want to only focus on bite-size learnings, you can take our stand-alone courses too! As you move forward with the Academy, you'll stand out from the crowd by earning Ada badges. Once you successfully complete all the courses in a learning path, you'll earn a Linkedin compatible badge unique to that path. 

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Become an automation expert!


Learn sought-after skills:

Get hands-on and learn the Ada and customer experience skills you need to make you sought after.


Stand out from the crowd:

Become an expert, prove your skills, and earn certificates and badges that show current and future employers you know your stuff.


Improve the way you work:

Empower your business to provide personalized experiences for your customers and prospects at scale - in a snap! And free up your time so you can focus on higher-value work.