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Step One

Setting you up for success

Leveraging our vast experience deploying countless bots, we work with each client to determine the resources and key stakeholders required for seamless AI integration. In addition, we’ll help identify who is best in your business to lead, manage, and build your ACX.

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Step Two

Rolling out automation right

Our ACX Consultants use a tested implementation and training protocol focused on enabling your team using hands-on instruction. Supported by your existing data and content, our ACX Consultants will lead you through bot creation, providing strategies and best practices for powering Ada to build meaningful customer service.
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Step Three

Optimizing your performance

Even after you’ve launched your chatbot, you can turn to our team. Leveraging in-depth data, we share ongoing strategies and support to further elevate your engagement and drive new ROI with multimedia content and interactive webinars that keep your skills sharp.
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Step Four

Learning with our community

We’ve created a community that connects our clients across industries and continents to exchange platform tips, share best practices, and explore customer trends. Through online channels, webinars, and events, it’s a forum for ACX professionals to further understand their role and how to standardize ACX across your business.

Having an impressive customer support system is within reach with service automation. Ada’s AI chatbot provides you modern solutions that will increase your sales and provide a seamless experience that will leave your customers in awe.

“We were surprised at how quickly Ada was able to transform our team from customer service professionals into automation experts able to drive rapid change and company-wide savings.”
Director of ACX, Enterprise Technology
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